January 23rd, 2012

Capturing Moments

We have been working at creating our own briefs for this module, taking forwards the strongest ideas from our last project.  I have now put together a very interesting looking brief titled “capturing moments”, which will involve a lot of experiments in recording, cataloguing and archiving events.  The final project will result in a book containing documentation of the next few weeks.

Capturing Moments – BAFA103

“Basically, I want to look back on this time and be able to recall every single detail.”

During this project I will create a documentation of my personal life in the form of a printed book.  I will be gathering, recording and documenting thoughts, actions and items meticulously, including times (to the nearest second).

I will first experiment with different forms of documentation, including photography, automatic writing or streams of consciousness, record keeping, tally charts, graphs and meticulous description. 

I will then move on to collecting a week of this documentation on a tablecloth with a permanent marker.  I will be limited to only writing and drawing on this table cloth with the permanent marker and will not write in my diary, but straight onto the tablecloth.  After the week is over I will document the tablecloth as an artefact and then continue to document different aspects of my life in different forms.

I will be archiving present objects, and creating sentimental value where there is none. 

All these ideas will then be curated into a book, which will serve as a kind of “journal” of this moment in my life. 

Grayson Perry
Michael Landy
Ellie Harrison

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time
Lord of the Rings
Kenneth Goldsmith
Jeff Noon – Needle to the Groove

December 10th, 2011

Regarding the Previous Image.

I bought a little A5 sketchbook to go with “Outburst”.  After a lot of thinking, I had realised that the place that I release emotions with the least thought to boundaries is my diary, which I usually write in a very little amount of time but manage to get down my feelings almost perfectly, meaning that when I look back through I can remember each and every day and the feelings that accompanied it.  I decided that I would attempt to write something on every page in a very little amount of time, meaning that some things were desperately written to fill space, and others were very interesting.  As soon as I had written something, that was it.  

The next day, I looked through the journal and decided it was lacking, I began to tear a few pages to make it more interesting, I went with my instincts, trying not to think too much about what I was doing.  I much preferred the result, but still felt like it needed more.

I went with my first thoughts, what did the diary remind me of?  The answer was “breaking out of prison”.  So I researched famous prison escapes and included them in the journal wherever seemed right.  I covered the front and back with newspaper articles and an image of “Outburst.”

I could never have predicted the outcome of the journal, but looking through it, I feel it captures the spontaneous release of emotions.  It is an explosion of thoughts and feelings and mirrors my piece completely.